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Silicone Lip Removal

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What causes problems with silicone lip injections?


Silicone is an inert facial filler that has seen some application for facial augmentation.  Plastic surgeons who are familiar with silicone lip augmentation frequently see patients who have devastating complications associated with silicone lip augmentation.  Although these complications occur in a small subset of patient, they can be life changing and life altering.  These problems include chronic swelling, lip pain and discomfort, the development of nodules and bumps on the lips, and chronic inflammation.  If you have silicone lip injection and have developed complication associated with it, there are surgical solutions to help you with your problem.  These surgical solutions allow Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian to remove and debulk the inflammatory silicone and surrounding abnormal tissue.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a double board certified plastic surgeon and a trusted expert in the removal and reconstruction of lips that have been injected with silicone. Removing silicone injections can be a difficult problem, but is possible in many cases with minimal risk to longterm function of the lip and perioral areas. 


The problems arising from silicone lip augmentation are thought to be due to the contaminant contained within the original silicone injection.  Liquid silicone is hydrophobic and is less likely to interact with the body and can cause inflammation.  However different grades of liquid silicone have been employed in the past to inject the lips and body.  These contaminants are thought to contribute the massive inflammatory reaction arising from silicone lip injection.  The chronic swelling, pain, inflammation, and discomfort are all due to the inflammatory mediators that are mounted by the body.  In the past, these problems were often neglected and the patients were not given adequate solutions to fix the silicone complication.


Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian has developed specific surgical protocols for the treatment of silicone nodules and silicone complications of the lips.  After a one on one consultation in his Los Angeles plastic surgery office, Dr. Karamanoukian will examine your lips and develop a specific surgical plan to debulk the silicone and diminish the long term problem with silicone.  In many cases, the surgical procedure is definitive and will resolve the silicone problem indefinitely or for decades to come.  Some patients, however, may have intramuscular silicone nodules and these are often difficult to treat with no improvement in their condition. 


Dr. Karamanoukian is one of the most influential experts in the management of silicone complications and liquid silicone complications on the face and body.  He has extensive experience in many other permanent filler complications including the following: 


  1. BioGel complications
  2. Hyalucorp
  3. Artefill
  4. Artecol
  5. Bioalcamid
  6. Bioform
  7. Kopolymer
  8. Metacril or Metacrill
  9. Profill
  10. Silicone
  11. Bioplastique
  12. Argyform
  13. Aquamid
  14. Silikon
  15. Silica
  16. Dermafill
  17. Buttock Silicone or Silicone Gel


If you have intramuscular silicone, Dr. Karamanoukian is not likely to recommend a surgical plan for correction.  Our office provides consultation for silicone lip complications and Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian performs these procedures in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.  The initial consultation and examination is crucial to the process and Dr. Karamanoukian can only provide recommendations after examination of your lip during a one on one consultation.  Dr. Karamanoukian is one of the leading experts and is a trusted surgeon in the management of silicone lip complications and silicone bumps (nodules).  Please call our office at 310-998-5533 to schedule a comprehensive consultation for silicone lip complications.


Complications from liquid silicone injections can be very time consuming and difficult to treat.  Our office sees a multitude of complications and cannot provide consultation by telephone or by email.  However, in select cases, Dr. Karamanoukian can coordinate a Skype consultation (Fee for Consultation arranged through the office) to assist those who find it difficult to travel to the United States or to Los Angeles for a consultation.  Please note that these consultations do not replace an actual in-office consultation and have their limitations in terms of therapy. 




Patients who have undergone silicone injections to the body, including the hips and buttocks may have complications associated with these injections.  Complications of body silicone include silicone rejection, hardening of the tissue, skin changes, skin redness, silicone infections, ulceration from silicone, granulomas, and tissue thickening.  Many of these injections have contaminants that react to the body causing an inflammation and subclinical infection. 


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