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Clear and Brilliant Laser

Clear + Brilliant Laser Skin Resurfacing 

Clear + Brilliant Laser treatment is a breakthrough in skin resurfacing treatments for the face and neck. Unlike other resurfacing lasers that are associated with one week of downtime, Clear + Brilliant allows patients to improve their skin without unecessary downtime. Most patients will see an immediate improvement in skin followed by 24 to 48 hours of redness which subsides with time. Clear + Brilliant is an excellent skin resurfacing and revitalizing treatment that complements skin rejuvenation treatments, facial surgery, melasma therapies, acne scar treatments, and Melarase skin programs.


In a recent article in Elle Magazine, Editor April Long had this to say about the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment: "The discolorations are already gone, and oh, how I glow. There's no peeling, no blotchiness. By day five my face is noticeably springier and plumper, clearer and more radiant than it has been in months, if not years. Sold!" Elle, November 20, 2013.

Clear + Brilliant Basics: 

Clear + Brilliant is a skin resurfacing laser that is ideal for both men and women who desire a medical skin rejuvenation treatment without the long downtime associated with Fraxel or Fractional CO2. The treatment is FDA-Approved and can help improve the visible signs of facial aging such as fine wrinkles, age spots, uneven pigmentation, and changes in surface contour. Most patients can return to normal activities including work with some mild redness and skin discomfort. The ability of Clear + Brilliant to improve skin without the downtime makes it an ideal treatment for men and women who have an active lifestyle. 

FAQ About Clear + Brilliant

Q: Is Clear + Brilliant a laser? A: There are many different types of rejuvenative skin lasers available to improve your skin. Clear + Brilliant utilizes fractional laser technology to address signs of premature skin aging, such as fine wrinkles, large pores, skin pigmentation, and skin tightness. Many people are familiar with Fraxel treatments for their efficacy. Clear + Brilliant is made by the same company as Fraxel and uses a lighter intensity to achieve similar results without the downtime. 


Q: Will my skin be numbed before Clear + Brilliant laser treatment? A: Most patients have told us that Clear + Brilliant is quite tolerable and feels like mild pin pricks on the skin. Nonetheless, we prefer to use two different methods to control the discomfort associated with the treatment, including numbing cream and a mild cooling spray that freezes the skin during treatment. 


Q: Is Clear + Brilliant safe for all skin types? A: Our Santa Monica Plastic Surgery & Skin Health Center adheres to the highest standards of safety in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is double board certified and will assess your skin prior to laser treatment to improve results and reduce your risks. Clear + Brilliant can be used on darker skin without problems. 


Q: How long is a typical Clear + Brilliant treatment? A: Once your skin is evaluated, you will be asked to wash off any makeup or creams from the skin. A numbing medication will be applied topically and then followed by the Clear + Brilliant treatment. Typical sessions last about 30 to 45 minutes. 


Q: Can Clear + Brilliant be used for acne scars? A: Dr. Karamanoukian utilizes the Clear + Brilliant technology to complement acne scar treatments such as chemical peels, subcision, Ematrix fractional RF, and microneedling. 


Q: Can I wear makeup after my Clear + Brilliant laser treatment? A: The Clear + Brilliant laser is fractional and will cause some mild redness on the surface of the skin. Most patients who undergo the treatment are able to wear makeup to cover the treatment areas once the session is over. We advise patients to wear an appropriate sunscreen such as Spectrase or Melarase AM after treatment. 

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