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eMatrix represents a revolutionary non-laser treatment protocol for acne scars located on the face and neck. Unlike traditional lasers used for acne scars, eMatrix uses RF energy to penetrate deep within the dermis of the skin, thus stimulating essential collagen to smoothe and resurface old and new acne scars.  eMatrix provides several advantages over traditional ablative laser, including a broader scope of function among all skin types; and less downtime. 


Many patients have chosen eMatrix sublative treatments over other laser resurfacing modalities such as Erbium Laser, Fraxel Laser, Fraxel Restore, and Fractional CO2 laser because of its applicability over a wide range of skin types and conditions. eMatrix uses sublative energy, which allows skin experts to treat below the surface of the skin without compromising skin health.  Patients are advised to apply a topical skin regimen to enhance the effects of all laser ablative procedures or eMatrix sublative treatments. 


eMatrix laser for acne scars can help reduce the visibility of deep face scars from acne cysts. Boxcar scars, ice-pick scars, and depressed acne scars.


Frequently Asked Questions About eMatrix:


Q: How many eMatrix treatments do I need? 

A: The number of eMatrix treatments necessary to improve your condition depends on the quality of your skin, the depth of involvement, and the power settings used for eMatrix. Dr. Karamanoukian will tailor the program to fit your specific requirements, but most patients benefit from a series of three to four treatments, spaced one month apart.  Patients with severe acne scarring may require more than one series if their acne scars have significant atrophy or indentation. 

Q: Does eMatrix hurt?

A: There are many different acne scar treatments that are performed in the United States, including deep chemical peels, ablative lasers, Fraxel, and fractional CO2 laser. Patients often tell us that the eMatrix is well tolerated and does not hurt nearly as much as the ablative lasers or deep TCA chemical peels. In order to minimize your pain during the procedure, our expert team of clinicians will apply topical anesthetic onto the skin and provide you with an analgesic to decrease the pain during the procedure. In addition, we have several cryo machines that can improve your comfort level by blowing extra-cold air onto your skin during the treatment. 

Q: Are there any longterm side effects I should be aware of with eMatrix? 

A: Every medical procedure has some element of risk.  eMatrix has a wide base of applicability in clinical practice because of its low risk of complications when compared with ablative lasers such as Fraxel, Erbium Laser, or Fractional CO2 laser. In fact, eMatrix is so safe, it has been touted as the leading acne scar regimen for dark skin types.  Most patients report that the eMatrix treatment is well-tolerated during and after the procedure, with minimal side effects and complications reported. 


Q: Are there any restrictions to performing eMatrix sublation on darker skin color? 

A: One of the most impressive attributes of eMatrix sublation is that the procedure can be performed on all skin types, including darker skin. For most patients who undergo eMatrix, our office prescribes topical skin lighteners and Replenish retinoid creams to help improve overall skin quality and texture. 


Ematrix can help improve acne scars. Consultations for acne scar laser and Ematrix in Los Angeles




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