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Voluma Facial Filler

Voluma Injections in Los Angeles


Voluma is a new FDA-Approved facial filler that is currently being used for mid-face rejuvenation and enhancement.  The mid-face is a common area of hollowness as we age.  Voluma injections can provide deep tissue support along the cheekbones to provide enhanced projection and volume in the middle of the face. In doing so, Voluma can provide a gentle lift of the facial wrinkles and enhance the smile lines that occur around the mouth. 




FDA-Approved to add volume to the cheek area and mid-face.

Minimal downtime or risks - You may be able to resume normal activities immediately after injection

Clinically proven to last up to two years.


Voluma has been shown to last up to two years and is available at Kare Plastic Surgery in single syringes of 1.0 ml. A comprehensive evaluation and treatment can be performed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian; at which time he will review the  benefits of Voluma facial enhancement. Alternatives that will be provided include Sculptra, Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, and Belotero.  Each of these fillers has their own benefits for facial volume enhancement. 


Q: Will anesthetics be used during my Voluma or Juvederm treatment? 

A: Your safety and comfort are our primary concerns. You will be provided the option of applying a topical anesthetic with a lidocaine-based cream known as Lidomax. Some of our patients may also elect to have anesthetic injections prior to the filler.  Our office will provide you with ice-packs and a cooling spray to minimize discomfort during Voluma injections. 

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