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Laser Wart Removal

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Considering a treatment for resistant warts, flat warts, facial warts, or warts on your hands and feet?

If you are seeking a definitive and effective treatment for resistant warts, our office offers one of the most time-tested and efficacious laser treatments for warts available in the world.  The Pulsed dye laser has become the gold standard for wart treatment in the United States and our office receives physician referrals from all over the Los Angeles area for patients who have resistant or hard to treat warts on the face and extremities.  

Most treatments for warts require multiple sessions and are not able to treat the underlying wart that exists deep inside the skin.  The available options for wart therapy in the United States are limited to topical creams and products that non-selectively destroy affected tissue.  These options include the following: 

  1. Cryotherapy: Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze off a wart.
  2. Salicylic Acid: High concentrations of salicylica acid on patches or topically can destroy wart tissue. 
  3. Sandpaper or Pumice: Provide gentle abrasion of warts. 
  4. TCA chemical acid: Chemical acids destroy damaged skin and wart.
  5. Pulse Dye Laser: Currently the gold standard for laser wart removal. 

Warts are very common on the hands, feet, and less commonly the face.  Warts are benign growths that are caused by an infection from one of dozens of human papillomaviruses (HPV) that affect humans.  They are often spread from person to person through contact, and children are often more vulnerable to getting warts on the hands and feet.  Once the HPV touches an area of broken skin, it can imbed into the area and lead to a common wart.  Warts are usually bothersome and can sometimes spread from one area to another, necessitating early treatment. Warts on the bottom of the feet are known as plantar warts. Schedule a consultation today with our Physician Assistant Kelly Cummings to discuss your options for our newest laser wart removal system that works well on all types of resisitant warts. 



Unfortunately, warts can occur on any part of the body, including the face and neck.  A wart is a benign skin growth that can be flat or raised above the level of the skin.  It is usually caused by a virus known as HPV and can spread by skin to skin contact.  The majority of patients who have warts have them on the hands and feet, or elbows and knees.  However, the face is vulnerable to develop warts if the right circumstances are met. 


First line of therapy for facial warts is cryotherapy, followed by topical wart cream.  If this failS, a more definitive treatment for facial warts can be performed using a specialized laser that targets the root cause of viral warts.  This laser is now available in Los Angeles at Kare Plastic Surgery. 


During your consultation, our expert clinician will address the depth and area of warty growth followed by recommendations regarding laser wart treatment.  The laser can be performed on the same day of consultation provided that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.  Once the area is anesthetized, a superficial laser is used to target the warts without causing unnecessary damage to surrounding tissues.  Our office provides consultation and treatment for viral facial warts in the Los Angeles area and has performed countless procedures with maximal safety and efficacy.  Wart therapy can often be frustrating if the right treatment is not performed.  Please call our Los Angeles office at 310-998-5533 to schedule your comprehensive consultation for laser wart removal in the Los Angeles area.




  1. How does your Los Angeles office treat warts? Warts are often resistant to standard wart creams, cryotherapy, freezing, and medicines.  A new laser wart removal treatment is now available that will allow you to obtain long term results from wart therapy.  The laser targets active warts and destroys them and their roots.  If you are considering wart therapy, you may ask your primary care physician or schedule an appointment yourself to obtain information regarding your options for wart therapy.  Wart removal is usually fast and effective, even in those patients with resistant warts that are unresponsive to previous treatments.   
  2. How do warts spread? Warts usually spread through skin to skin contact or the sharing of towels or fabric that may come into contact with the skin.  Most warts are contagious and can be permanently treated with a laser wart therapy that we now offer in our Los Angeles plastic surgery office.  Wart removal with laser can eradicate even the most resistant warts. If you are worried that your warts will spread, then early treatment is likely the best option for your condition. 
  3. What types of warts can you treat in your Los Angeles office? There are many different types of warts and some of these are classified based on their appearance and others, based on their location.  Foot warts are known as plantar warts; hand warts occur on the fingers and along the cuticles; knee and elbow warts; flat warts usually spread and do not raise above the level of the skin; whereas warty growths are often raised - almost similar to a skin tag. 
  4. Are warts cancerous? Warts are usually benign and are non-cancerous.  However, certain virus strains are associated with precancerous growths on some parts of the body. If there is a need, our office will recommend a surgical biopsy to determine whether a wart or growth is cancerous or not.   Most cases are completely benign, however. 
  5. What are the causes of warts? Warts are usually caused by a virus that is spread from skin to skin in most people.  Most patients who come to our Los Angeles plastic surgery office do not know where they contacted the warts, but are bothered by the fact that they do not disappear on their own and often spread from one location to another. 
  6. How can I schedule an appointment for laser wart removal in Los Angeles? Call (310) 998-5533 or have your primary care physician refer you to our office by sending a referral slip or prescription to our FAX at (310) 998-5530.  If your physician would like to speak to our physician or physician assistant, please have them call our office. 

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