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Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction: Short Scar Breast Reduction

Macromastia is the medical term used to describe large breasts.  There are many causes of macromastia including family history, hormonal influences, and body weight; but the majority of time, large breasts are simply a variant of normal and are due to simple overgrowth of the breasts during puberty.  A breast reduction is often used for women who have physical symptoms associated with their large breasts, including back and neck pain, shoulder discomfort, shoulder grooving as a result of weight placed on bra straps, and skin changes on the lower pole of the breasts as a result of moisture and skin sensitivity.  Pain and discomfort are definitely reasons to undergo a breast reduction in our Santa Monica and Los Angeles plastic surgery practice.  However, Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian also emphasizes the importance of cosmetic breast enhancement when undergoing breast reduction, as the final result should be aesthetically pleasing with enhancement of the breast contour and shape. 


  1. Reduce the size, volume, and weight of the female breast
  2. Reduce physical pain associated with heavy breasts
  3. Decrease neck and shoulder strain
  4. Improve breast perkiness
  5. Reduce skin irritation along the lower portion of the breast

Options for breast macromastia include specialized support bras and surgery.  If you are not concerned about the size of your breasts, it is completely normal for you to forego breast reduction surgery until a later point in your life.  If you are one of those patients who is suffering from excessively large breasts on a daily basis, you may wish to consider a procedure known as breast reduction.

Breast reduction is one of the most gratifying surgeries for women who suffer from large breasts.  The surgery effectively serves two purposes: cosmetic improvement of the breasts combined with functional improvement in weight and droopiness of the breasts.  Once healing is complete, it has been our observation that patients are extremely satisfied with their new breasts and the overall change in body shape that goes along with the improvement.  The reduction in breast weight improves both posture and the strain on the cervical (neck) and thoracic (chest-back) spine.  

Among plastic surgeons, breast reduction is known as reduction mammaplasty. In the United States, breast reduction is performed for both cosmetic and functional/medical reasons. 


Patients who desire breast reduction surgery with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian often complain of physical pain and discomfort associated with their heavy and pendulous breasts.  Enlarged breasts are often associated with breast droopiness and a wide base diameter which can create difficulties in purchasing and wearing a proper size bra.


Patients often report complaints of chronic neck and back pain, tension type headaches, skin irritation along the lower portion of the breast, and shoulder grooving associated with deep bra straps.  If the degree of breast enlargement is severe, there may be associated upper extremity neuropathy associated with sensory numbness or tingling of the fingers.  This is due to stretching and postural changes associated with the heavy breasts. 


Postural changes associated with enlarged breasts include kyphosis or an inability to stand up straight for long periods of time because of the heavy pendulous breasts.  Patients who sit or stand for long periods often have difficulty supporting their breasts for extended periods of time due to the increased weight.


Physical activity and intimacy can also be impaired with heavy breasts and these are factors that should be discussed with Dr. Karamanoukian prior to breast reduction.  If you are experiencing pain and symptoms associated with enlarged breasts, you may be a candidate for a breast reduction with our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office.  The emotional and physical toll of enlarged breasts are factors that should be discussed thoroughly and may help an insurance carrier contribute to the overall cost of breast reduction surgery.


Breast reduction can also be performed on teenagers if a condition known as juvenile hypertrophy of the breast is present.  This occurs due to an increased estrogen receptor in the breast tissue, which allows for a rapid and expansive growth of bilateral or unilateral breasts during the pubertal period.  Breast enlargement induces rapid increases in breast size and shape that often are associated with stretch marks.  Whether juvenile breast hypertrophy is present or not, breast reduction patients may also present with breast asymmetry which can be caused by one sided overgrowth of the breasts. Asymmetric breasts are common among healthy females and should not be a cause for alarm.


Dr. Karamanoukian provides expertise in cosmetic and medical breast reduction surgery and performs minimal scar breast reduction including the Lejour technique for reduction mammaplasty.  These procedures allow patients to regain their self-confidence and minimizes scars, while decreasing the overall size, shape and volume of the enlarged breasts.  The Lejour short scar technique and the traditional Inverted T technique allow for a well perfused breast reduction that heals with outstanding results.


Is Areola reduction the same as Breast Reduction? 

Areola reduction is a necessary step in breast reduction, but these two procedures are not the same.  In my Beverly Hills and Santa Monica plastic surgery practice, I routinely reduce the size of the areola during breast reduction.  However, there is a distinct procedure known as an areolar reduction in which the size of the breast is not reduced but the areola is reduced in diameter, causing the areola to be naturally shaped relative to the breast as a whole. Areolar reduction can optimize the shape of the breast and areola-nipple complex. 


Insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery varies from insurance carrier to insurance carrier.  Patients who feel that their large breasts are contributing to changes in their quality of life may request authorization for breast reduction from their insurance provider.  Our Los Angeles plastic surgery office is dedicated to helping you achieve excellent results with breast reduction surgery and our dedicated team of plastic surgery experts will help you decide whether breast reduction is right for you.

Breast reduction serves a major functional benefit for women with large breasts in that it reduces neck and back strain that contributes to back pain.  Some women also benefit from breast reduction in that it improves a condition known as mastodynia, which involves pain in the breasts.  Finally, breast reduction can improve skin irritation in the inframammary fold which is caused by sweating and skin maceration. 


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