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Male Gynecomastia
Male Gynecomastia: Correction of Male Gynecomastia with Liposuction or Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia refers to the development of excessive breast tissue over the pectoralis major muscles in men.  There are many known causes of gynecomastia, many of which are benign processes that cannot be reversed.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian performs gynecomastia liposuction for excessive breast tissue on the chest.  His approach utilizes hidden incisions to hide or minimize the appearance of scars on the chest and body. The goal of gynecomastia surgery, whether through liposuction or surgical gynecomastia resection, is to restore a more youthful and masculine contour to the anterior chest wall.  This approach appeals to many men who have developed excessive breast tissue on the chest, particularly around the nipple and areola.


What is gynecomastia? Click Here for information about male gynecomastia:


There are many causes for gynecomastia, including genetics and family history, age, puberty, obesity, anabolic steroids, prescription medications, estrogen imbalance, problems with testosterone production, liver problems, hepatitis, adrenal tumors, testicular tumors, and marijuana use.  Chances are, however, that your gynecomastia is a normal process that is not associated with any physical or medical problems.  Gynecomastia can occur commonly in normal males who have no associated medical problems. 



  1. Improve the appearance of the chest and pecs
  2. Decrease the volume and weight of breast tissue on the chest
  3. Decrease nipple/areolar sagginess

The first step in correcting  gynecomastia is to schedule a comprehensive consultation in our Los Angeles plastic surgery office where you will undergo a careful medical examination and history in order to identify critical factors that are contributing to the development of the gynecomastia.  In most cases, the condition is idiopathic and no medical treatment is necessary prior to the surgical procedure.  Plastic surgery can usually correct the gynecomastia and excessive overgrowth of breast tissue with simple outpatient procedures that minimize scarring.  
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