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Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a TOP DOCTOR IN LIPOSUCTION on Realself.  Featured in Los Angeles Magazine, KTLA, Fox News, The Doctors, SkinInc., Skin Health Magazine, and Skin & Aging, Dr. Karamanoukian is an expert in liposuction and body contouring surgery. Dr. Karamanoukian was designated a Platinum Elite Surgeon by Realself, one of the most complete sources for cosmetic surgery information in the world. 

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Our office website, provides comprehensive information about cosmetic plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles.  Call our office at (310) 998-5533 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian. Read Liposuction FAQ by Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian.  For patients who do not wish to undergo surgery for unwanted fat, Dr. Karamanoukian recommends the Liposonix system to non-invasively and non-surgically remove fat from the abdomen and waistline.

VASER liposuction now uses ultrasound energy to target fat cells during liposuction. Available in our Los Angeles office.


There are different types of liposuction techniques, but the most unifying theme among all of the liposuction types is the use of tumescent anesthesia with or without general anesthesia.  Tumescent technique involves the infiltration of anesthetic fluid and epinephrine into the area to be liposuctioned. The anesthetic fluid provides numbing to the area, whereas the epinephrine vasoconstricts blood vessels, thus leading to decreased blood loss during surgery.  Tumescent technique is employed by Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian during liposuction in order to improve results and minimize risks during liposuction.


Common areas of liposuction include the chin and neck, chest, flanks, abdomen, back, buttocks, inner thighs, and outer hips.  Treatment with liposuction is designed to diminish areas that contain excess fat deposits that are not amenable to diet and exercise. The last decade has witnessed many advancements in liposuction and Dr. Karamanoukian will discuss all available liposuction alternatives during your consultation in Los Angeles.  He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has extensive knowledge of both non-invasive and surgical liposuction techniques. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, the liposuction expert in Los Angeles, by calling (310) 998-5533. 



Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian performs laser and ultrasound assisted liposuction and can provide you with many options for treatment.  If you are concerned about a single area and wish to have an outpatient procedure with minimal anesthesia, you may be a candidate for microsculpt liposuction, which is a fairly straightforward liposuction technique that employs a small liposuction cannula to remove excess fat from small areas. The following is a list of areas that are suitable for microsculpt liposuction. 

  1. Neck liposuction or double chin liposuction
  2. Stomach and Waistline
  3. Hips and Thighs
  4. Upper arms
  5. Calves and Ankles
  6. Bra-fat 
  7. Back

AGE AND LIPOSUCTION: Does age matter?

The ideal candidate for liposuction is someone who has unwanted areas of fat with good skin tone and resiliency.  Although age is not a major concern with liposuction results, the skin does begin to lose tone as we get older, leading to a loss of skin resiliency.  Plastic surgeons often recommend that patients undergo liposuction before major fluctuations in weight and even before pregnancy to minimize the risk of stretch marks and loss of skin tone.  Age does play a factor in the preoperative assessment as Dr. Karamanoukian will carefully review your medical condition prior to surgery and request laboratory studies to document normal blood factors. Dr. Karamanoukian will perform a complete medical history and physical examination prior to surgery in order to determine your candidacy for plastic surgery.  If you have a primary care physician or are under subspecialist care, our office recommends that you inform your physician prior to surgery to obtain additional surgical clearance.


LIPOSUCTION OF THE ARMS: With age, weight gain, and weight loss, male and female patients may develop excessive looseness of the upper arms in association with stretch marks.  The upper arms are particularly vulnerable to the development of stretch marks and excess fat and skin, leading to a flabbiness of the upper arms.  There are two main approaches used in cosmetic plastic surgery to improve the upper arm area, including liposuction and arm lift.  A arm lift procedure is used to surgically remove excess skin and fat from the upper arm using a well placed and hidden incision along the inner arm.  Recovery is approximately five days and the patients will begin to resume normal activities within one to two weeks after surgery.  If the amount of excess skin and fat is not severe, patients may opt for a procedure known as arm liposuction.  Arm liposuction is designed to remove excess fat from the upper arm, provided that there is the potential for skin retraction after surgery. 


In some cases, cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian will advise a staged procedure in which liposuction is used for the upper arms to reduce the excess fat, followed by a staged treatment with laser skin tightening and laser skin resurfacing.  This staged approach may minimize scarring in patients who do not wish to have excessive scarring in the area.  The options for arm liposuction include local tumescent anesthesia, IV sedation, or general anesthesia.  All arm liposuctions are performed on an outpatient basis in an accredited operating room in Los Angeles.  Arm lift surgery and arm liposuction surgery in Los Angeles can improve your overall arm contour and shape.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in arm lift surgery and arm liposuction in Los Angeles.  He performs cosmetic plastic surgery in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills and can provide you with many options regarding these body contouring procedures.  Please call all our Los Angeles plastic surgery patient care coordinator at 310-998-5533 to schedule a consultation for arm liposuction.  Our plastic surgery patient care coordinator can also answer basic questions about arm liposuction and provide you with options for your consultation.


LIPOSUCTION OF THE LOVE HANDLES AND FLANKS: The love handles are one of the most common areas to undergo liposuction as they are an area of the body that is prone to accumulate unwanted fat.  During your consultation, Dr. Karamanoukian will examine you and determine whether the love handles will require a minor microsculpt liposuction procedure or whether you will need a full liposuction under anesthesia.  The procedure can be performed with only one small incision on each side that is about 3 mm in length.  The incisions heal very well and with minimal scarring.


Mini liposuction to the waist and abdomen to reduce excess weight and fat


If you have good skin tone and minimal stretch marks, the skin should bounce back well after flank and love handle liposuction, causing the area to regain its youthful contours quite nicely.  Liposuction on the flanks and love handles can be performed safely and with minimal recovery or discomfort afterwards.


LIPOSUCTION OF THE INNER THIGH AREA: The inner thigh is a common area for the development of excess fat and these patterns of fat accumulation can often change your overall body appearance.  For many patients the amount of fat along the inner thigh can make the body disproportional and can hinder the wearing of bikinis, certain types of jeans, and shirt.  Inner thigh fat can be addressed using a combination of procedures including micro-sculpt liposuction and traditional liposuction.  Dr. Karamanoukian is an expert in liposuction and can address the inner thigh area using outpatient procedures that minimize recovery and downtime.  These procedures can reduce the amount of accumulated fat in the inner thigh and can enhance your overall body shape.  If you have questions about inner thigh liposuction and wish to go over options including mini liposuction or liposuction, schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Karamanoukian.  Dr. Karamanoukian also performs ultrasonic liposuction and laser liposuction to address these areas of fat and tighten the skin.  In most cases, inner thigh liposuction can be combined with liposonix, which is a nonsurgical ultrasonic liposuction alternative to reduce pockets of fat along the flanks and mid abdomen.  If you have questions about liposuction or liposonix, a consultation will help you address your concern and help you take the first important step towards body contouring.  Call 310-998-5533 to schedule your appointment for inner thigh liposuction.


LIPOSUCTION OF THE MUFFIN TOP: The muffin top is an area of fat accumulation on the lower flanks and upper buttock area that can show through tight fitting clothes and jeans.  This area is a common pattern of fat accumulation that is often resistant to normal diet and exercise.  By addressing these areas of fat accumulation, the body can be recontoured and a more voluptuous body shape can be achieved.  Flank liposuction and muffin top liposuction is an important cosmetic surgery procedure for body contouring and can be addressed with a combination of ultrasonic liposuction, laser liposuction, and traditional liposuction.  These procedures can use small incisions to remove excess fat without harming the overall shape of the body.

If you are concerned about the muffin top and fat along the buttock and stomach areas, you may be a candidate for mini liposuction or traditional liposuction.  Dr. Karamanoukian has an outpatient surgical center and can provide you with the safest and most effective liposuction alternatives in Los Angeles.  Call 310-998-5533 to schedule your appointment for mini liposuction or liposuction of the muffin top, buttock area, or abdomen.


LIPOSUCTION OF THE PUBIC MOUND: The pubic mound is an area of concern for patients who are overweight or who have hormonally sensitive deposition of fat along the hair bearing area of the pubis and the mons pubis.  Excessive fat may accumulate due to hormonal exposure and genetic patterns of aging and fat accumulation.  As the taboo around labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, and pubic rejuvenation begins to diminish, more and more people are asking for procedures that can improve the appearance of the pubic mound in clothes and in the nude.


The pubic area is comprised of hair bearing skin around the labia majora and extending into the lower abdominal crease.  This area is particularly sensitive to metabolic weight gain and hormonal fluctuations resulting from normal development, pregnancy, birth control pills, and hormone replacement.  Patients who have a problem with the pubic mound often have difficulty wearing tight fitting clothes, bikinis, or low cut jeans and skirts.  Surprisingly, fullness in the pubic area does not necessarily correlate with body mass index or body fat.  Women who are obese as well as women who are below their expected body weight can have fullness in their pubic area that is unresponsive to normal diet and exercise.


If you are concerned about the fullness of the pubic area; whether or not you have had a previous cosmetic body contouring procedures such as tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, or liposuction, you may be a candidate for less invasive liposuction procedures to reduce the pubic area and diminish the overall protrusion and fullness of the pubic mound.  Patients who have undergone C-section surgery may have also developed a depressed scar or have uneven pockets of fat that have been unresponsive to regular diet and exercise.


Although this is a relatively sensitive topic, patients who wish to recontour their pubic area may benefit from a person consultation and discussion about pubic mound liposuction.  The pubic area can be recontoured in combination with other mommy makeover procedures such as tummy tuck, liposuction, and labiaplasty; or may be performed alone as an outpatient surgical procedure using standard tumescent liposuction.  The benefits of pubic mound reduction and pubic liposuction are enormous for those patients who have difficulty wearing tight fitting clothes and who have developed a pocket of fat despite aggressive exercise and dieting.


The first step in scheduling a procedure for pubic mound reduction or liposuction of the mons pubis is to schedule a comprehensive consultation with double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian.  During your consultation, Dr. Karamanoukian will perform body metric measurement to determine the extent of fatty tissue to be removed with liposuction or with a surgical procedure.  The majority of patients will likely benefit by liposuction alone without the necessity for larger surgical procedures.  Those patients who wish to also undergo tummy tuck surgery or liposuction of the abdomen at the same time as there pubic mound reduction may also wish to discuss these options with Dr. Karamanoukian.


The consultation will entail a physical examination in which an assessment will be made of the skin resiliency and skin quality along the pubic mound.

If there is extensive stretch mark formation and looseness of the skin, you may also benefit from a skin tightening procedure that is surgical or nonsurgical.  The majority of patients, however, will only require isolated and selective tumescent liposuction to reduce the fatty deposits along the area.


Dr. Karamanoukian will also be available to discuss your options for labiaplasty, a procedure designed to reduce the laxity and looseness of the labia minora.  This procedure begins with an examination and marking of all redundant skin tissue along the labia minora.  Once this is accomplished, the area is numb, and the excess labial skin is removed and sutured in order to repair the defect.  The labiaplasty procedure has quickly become one of the leading mommy makeover procedures for women in their 30s and 40s who have recently undergone multiple pregnancies and have noticed a gradual change in the size and length of the labia minora.  If you have questions about labiaplasty surgery or pubic mound reduction, please call the office of Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian at 310-998-5533.


LIPOSUCTION REVISION: Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is the expert on liposuction revision and correction of liposuction problems.  Based on his expertise in the revision of liposuction problems resulting from by previous liposuction and mesotherapy performed by other physicians, Dr. Karamanoukian can provide expertise in the management of liposuction bumps, lumps, contour problems, skin ripples, and cellulite formations resulting from old liposuction.  There are many reasons for liposuction procedures to yield less than expected result.  As a practicing plastic surgeon and Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, Dr. Karamanoukian can examine the areas of previous liposuction and determine whether revision lipo or redo lipo is needed to improve the skin tightness, lumpiness, and cosmetic appearance of your body.  Liposuction revision can be a fast and effective procedure designed to even out skin and fat deposits on the body.  If you have undergone previous liposuction and wish to have it revised, or wish to undergo further areas of liposuction, the Los Angeles plastic surgery office of Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian can provide you with specific recommendations regarding surgical liposuction or nonsurgical fat reduction using Liposonix.  Dr. Karamanoukian is one of the best liposuction revision specialists and has been features multiple times on popular television shows demonstrating his unique approach to less invasive plastic surgery.  He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fellow of American College of Surgeons.  He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and has an extensive resume based on his academic and clinical work.  Call 310-998-5533 to speak to our Los Angeles plastic surgery patient care coordinator regarding your surgical options for liposuction and liposuction revision in Southern California.




Recovery with liposuction can vary depending on the amount of scar tissue in the treatment area (from previous liposuction or surgery) and the propensity for bleeding by a particular patient.  Patients will note some bruising and swelling that may last over one week in certain individuals.  Treatment of bruising begins immediately after your liposuction procedure and Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian will help accelerate the time to complete resolution of bruising and swelling.


We are often asked to discuss the recovery period for liposuction that can be anticipated after plastic surgery.  The amount of bruising and swelling after liposuction largely depends on the amount of liposuction performed, the areas of liposuction treatment, and the type of tumescent liposuction performed.  Dr. Karamanoukian and the staff at Kare Plastic Surgery can minimize your recovery period by pre-treating you with supplements that can minimize or accelerate the resolution of bruising and help you recover faster after surgery.  In the postoperative period, we will provide you with options for natural supplements that can accelerate your bruising recovery time.

Bruise Pak is a natural remedy for bruising caused by cosmetic procedures, injury, surgery, or injections. Although bruising is a natural byproduct of most cosmetic procedures, it can be minimized by careful technique, avoidance of aspirin, ibuprofen, and other blood-thinning agents; and ice-pack pressure after treatment. BruisePak can be purchased online at .



Liposuction is an outpatient surgery that is performed in an accredited outpatient surgery center specializing in plastic surgery.  Although there are many variations of liposuction surgery, the techniques used to perform liposuction have stood the test of time for safety and efficacy. During your initial plastic surgery consultation, Dr. Karamanoukian will take a thorough medical history and perform a physical examination that addresses your primary concerns for liposuction and body contouring.  This examination will help identify key factors that will influence your longterm success with liposuction.


On the day of your surgery, you will recover from liposuction and be greeted by a recovery room nurse who specializes in plastic surgery aftercare and more specifically, in the management of liposuction patients.  Once you begin to wake up from your liposuction procedure, you will experience some discomfort in the treated areas.  The surgical nurse will also address your immediate concerns and maximize your care to assure that you recover with minimal problems and pain.  Within an hour or two after your procedure, you will also be placed in a surgical garment that is made specifically for liposuction patients.  The surgical sites will be covered and the pressure garment worn.


As you begin to wake up from your anesthesia, you will be asked to perform basic functions in anticipation of your discharge.  Once you are able to resume normal functions, your family member will be called and you will be personally escorted to your car by your surgical nurse.  Your discharge paperwork will include complete postoperative instructions and an emergency contact number in case of any problems you may encounter.  You will be pleased to know that Dr. Karamanoukian has an outstanding record for safety and the risks of surgery, although finite, are rarely encountered. 


Dr. Karamanoukian is a firm advocate of early ambulation after your surgery.  This means that we would recommend that you walk around the house or your aftercare facility the evening of your surgery.  Walking and moving around helps your circulation, especially in your feet and legs.  The more you walk after surgery, the less chance you have of developing secondary edema or DVT's.  It is also important for you to known that although we encourage you to walk after your liposuction, try not to exert yourself too much.  Healthy recovery from liposuction should be balanced and you should also spend much of your time resting. 


  1. Can I have revision liposuction on my hips? 
  2. Can liposuction be performed immediately after pregnancy?
  3. How common is knee liposuction? Liposuction of the body is increasingly common due to the popularity of body sculpting and the high safety record of cosmetic liposuction.  There are different areas to undergo liposuction and the legs and thighs are an important area to consider when choosing a liposuction procedure and a liposuction surgeon.  The inner knees and anterior knees are a common area of excessive fat deposition and this area is of major concern for patients who wish to undergo cosmetic liposuction sculpturing.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a specialist in microsculpt liposuction and can provide you with many options for outpatient liposuction surgery for the knees, calves, and legs.  The goal of knee liposuction is to recontour the front and sides of the knees in order to remove excess fat stores that are contained within this area.  Many people complain that despite diet and exercise, the unwanted pockets of fat around the knee are slow to resolve.  Dr. Karamanoukian can provide you with a comprehensive consultation and examination to determine your candidacy for knee liposuction in Los Angeles.  He is a board certified plastic surgeon and specialized in cosmetic liposuction and cosmetic body sculpting.  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Karamanoukian for body liposuction, including the abdomen, arms, legs, knees, and thighs, please call our patient care coordinator at 310-998-5533.


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