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Varicose Veins
Santa Monica Vein Center

Santa Monica Vein Center Accepts Most Major Health Insurance Plans


Varicose veins may become a health problem if left untreated, leading to ulcers, leg swelling, leg cramps, leg pain, and unsightly varicose veins. Patients seeking consultation for varicose veins in Santa Monica may request authorization from their health insurance plans for coverage of vein treatments including vein stripping, microphlebectomy, DVT ultrasound screening, EVLT, and vein removal. Laser therapies for varicose veins are at the forefront of technology at the Santa Monica Vein Center. Call (310) 998-5533


Our comprehensive vein center offers complete diagnostic and therapeutic vein treatments in Santa Monica and many of our treatments are eligible for insurance coverage if there is a medical necessity.   We accept most major insurance carriers as an out-of-network PPO provider, and with a variety of plans and packages, every individual health care policy coverage can be evaluated and authorized for treatment. Some of the health insurance plans we accept include Aetna, Anthem, Cigna and UnitedHealthcare. 


In order to expedite medical authorization for varicose vein procedures in Santa Monica, please speak to our patient care coordinators and send or email a copy of your insurance plan to our office so that we can obtain insurance authorization, including deductible from your policy carrier. 


We are Out-of-Network Providers for Varicose Vein Treatments for the following insurance plans:




• Sony Aetna

• Lions Gate Entertainment Aetna

• United Airlines Aetna

• Bank of America Aetna

• City of Santa Monica Aetna

• United Embassy of Saudi Arabia Aetna

• Truecar Aetna




• FOX Entertainment Anthem
• Universal Music Group Anthem
• Capital Partners Anthem
• Credit Suisse Anthem
• Time Warner Cable Anthem
• Shearman & Sterling LLP Anthem
• USC Anthem
• Lilly Anthem
• Medtronic Anthem
• Google Anthem
• Redbull Anthem
• Verizon West Anthem
• LA Firefighters Fund Anthem




• Yahoo! Cigna
• Electronic Arts Cigna
• Noble Americas Corp Cigna
• International Medical Corp Cigna
• NBA Cigna
• Activision Blizzard Cigna
• NFL Cigna
• Cornerstone On-Demand Cigna
• Hearst Corporation Cigna
• FRHI Fairmont Hotels $ Resorts International Cigna
• United Embassy or Kuwait Cigna
• AFTRA Cigna




• The Turner Corporation UnitedHealthCare
• Solar City United Health Care
• Viacom United Health Care
• NW Entertainment United Health Care
• Proctor and Gamble United Health Care
• Oxford Health United Health Care

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