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Arm Lift | Brachioplasty
Arm Lift and Arm Tuck Surgery


An arm lift surgery is one of many body contouring procedures offered at Kare Plastic Surgery & Skin Health Clinic.  Our office provides comprehensive care to patients who have undergone massive weight loss and who wish to recontour and reshape areas of the upper and lower body that have excessive skin and soft tissue laxity. Arm lift surgery is often referred to as post-bariatric body contouring in patients who have undergone weight loss or those with significant stretch marks after rapid weight gain or loss.  There are many different types of arm lift surgery and Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian at the Kare Plastic Surgery & Skin Health Clinic can help you decide between the many alternatives. 


Dr. Karamanoukian performs all arm lift and body contouring procedures in an accredited operating room under sterile conditions.  Procedures often require anesthesia, including a combination of local anesthetic and iv sedation or general anesthesia.  During your plastic surgery consultation, Dr. Karamanoukian will review your options and discuss your alternatives with you.

After arm lift surgery, you will be provided with compressive garments that will reduce swelling and bruising in the area of surgery. Compressive garments allow for uniform pressure to be placed on the surgical incisions and can help speed the healing process by reducing tension on the wound.  Dr. Karamanoukian recommends that you leave the compressive wrapping intact until your first postoperative visit, at which time a full examination of the arm lift surgical site will be made.  


In addition, strenuous activity, especially those in which the arms are used, should be avoided for at least one week after surgery. There is no standard recovery as arm lifts can vary in terms of complexity and amount of tissue resected.  Most patients will be able to resume normal activities and return to work within two weeks of their arm lift. 

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