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Treatment of Earlobe Keloids - Scar Revision and Treatment of keloids in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego

Dr. Karamanoukian is an expert in the management of earlobe keloids. The earlobe is one of the most common areas for the development of keloid scars.  It is unknown why there is a high incident of earlobe keloids as compared to other anatomic areas of the face.  However it is thought that the incidence is directly proportional to the high prevalence of earlobe piercings.  Earlobe keloids can occur as a result of iatrogenic injury, surgery, trauma, chronic or acute inflammation, or earlobe piercing.  By far, the most common reason for developing keloid scars on the earlobe are earlobe piercings.


Although earlobe keloids are relatively common, they represent only a small fraction of patients with earlobe piercings.  Interestingly, some indigenous cultures in Africa and Asia expound the physical attributes of earlobe and facial keloids as a rite of passage.


The earlobe represents a distinct anatomic component of the ear.  The earlobe is anatomically defined as the soft tissue lobule located at the inferiormost pole of the ear.  Unlike the external ear pinna, the earlobe contains no underlying cartilage or perichondrium.  The earlobe has several anatomic variants depending on the redundancy on the hanging lobule.


Treatment of earlobe keloids is difficult and Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian will provide you with a detailed program for the elimination of keloids and the prevention of future keloid scars.  This may entail a combination procedure including IIT, TAC injections, laser keloid therapy, and surgery.

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