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Can I Exercise After a Hair Transplant? Santa Monica Hair Restoration
Ask the Hair Transplant Expert:
Can I exercise after a hair transplant?

I get many questions from hair restoration patients regarding exercise and hair transplantation. Opinions vary greatly so if you've had this procedures done by another surgeon, it's best to ask your doctor but here is the quick answer...
Resuming physical activity after hair restoration depends on the type of hair transplant you've had (FUT Vs. FUE). Most FUT (strip method) surgeons advice against heavy exercise specially lifting for two weeks. This is one of many reasons FUT surgery has gradually fallen out of favor.
Patient ​limitations after FUE or micro-hair transplant procedures is much less. Many of my patients go for walks the night of surgery (although I ask them to be accompanied by someone).  I generally tell my patients they can resume excersice after 24 hours as long as it does not cause rubbing against the grafts (e.g. helmets) or sweating.  You can start physical activity that can cause sweating after 3 days.
I consider PRP a great and exciting tool in hair restoration. There are no limitations after PRP injection other than no sweating for 3 hrs.
Ramtin A. Cohanim M.D.

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