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Melarase Creams to Improve Age Spots on the Hands

Melarase creams for embarrassing age spots on the hand.


Age spots can occur on any part of the face and body.  One of the most common patterns of aging on non-facial skin is the development of brown spots and age spots on the surface of the hand.  The hand is particularly vulnerable to environmental damage from sun exposure and also from acute hemosiderin deposits resulting from bruising and acute trauma.  Over time, these embarrassing signs of premature aging develop into sun spots and age spots.  Some individuals refer to age spots on the surface of the hand as liver spots, a common term used in previous decades to describe the brownish discoloration on the surface of the hands.

Kare MD Skin Health Products Including Melarase


The presence of age spots and brown spots on the back of the hand can show up as signs of premature aging.  In addition to wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, the presence of age spots can make the back of the hands look older and more tired.  One of the most effective remedies for age spots of the hand and arms is a group of products known as Melarase.


Melarase AM and Melarase PM can be combined for day and night use in order to improve the overall complexion of the back of the hand and also to improve the complexion and tone of the arm and hand skin.  Hand agespots can be effectively improved, thereby reducing the visibility of uneven pigmentation and solar lentigines on the skin.  Melarase AM and PM can be used in combination with the RR Retinoid Repair cream in order to hasten the improvement of the hyperpigmentation.


Melarase AM and PM are an easy-to-use skin pigmentation control system that can dramatically improve the texture, quality, and tone of the non-facial skin.


Instructions on the use of Melarase AM and Melarase PM for age spots on the hand are as follows:


Morning Routine:  Use 1 gram (pea-sized portion) on to the surface of the skin and gently massage until dry.  The Melarase AM contains four active sun-blocks as well as skin-brightening agent to reduce the visibility of hyperpigmentation.


Evening Routine:  Apply 1 gram (pea-sized portion) of Melarase PM on to the surface of the hand and gently massage until dry.  If there is significant pigmentation or age spots, combine one-half pea-sized portion of Melarase PM with one-half pea-sized portion of RR Retinoid Repair cream and mix thoroughly and apply to the back of the hand.


Melarase AM and Melarase PM is an effective skin care protocol for the improvement of skin pigmentation on facial and non-facial skin.

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