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Options for Breast Lift Surgery in Los Angeles

What are options for breast lift?

A breast lift procedure is performed to improve the position of the areola and nipple in women of childbearing age.  With age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, the breast may begin to sag and droop overtime.  This results in a loss of breast volume and a gradual descent of the nipple and areolar downward.  The position of the nipple and areola will dictate the extent of breast lift surgery and the type of breast lift surgery recommended.  The patients with severe droopiness may require an extensive mastopexy procedure such as T-pattern breast lift.  Less severe droopiness may necessitate either a short scar, vertical scar, or Lejour breast lift.  


Patients with very subtle breast droopiness who require a minor uplift in their breast may benefit from a Benelli mastopexy, which improves the position of the nipple and areola complex and is sometimes known as an areolar breast lift.  Breast lift surgery can provide immediate benefits to the patients who have lost volume in their breast and who wish to have an improved breast contour.  Call 310-998-5533 and speak to one of our plastic surgery patient care coordinators to schedule an appointment with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian in Los Angeles.

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