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Capsular Contracture Surgery Los Angeles, Ultrasound for Capsular Contracture

Ultrasound therapy for capsular contracture.


The patients who have capsular contracture may have a progressive problem with thickening of the tissue capsule surrounding a breast implant.  Silicone and saline breast implants can be associated with capsular contracture at any stage after breast augmentation.  Novel therapies using ultrasound energy are then successfully used to temporarily treat the progression and thickness of the scar tissue around the breast implant.  However, if there is specific inflammatory component associated with your capsular contracture, ultrasound energy is merely a short term treatment for a progressive problem. 


In our Los Angeles plastic surgery office, we offer treatment for capsular contracture which offers more definitive solutions for the inflammatory and fibroblast component of the capsular contracture.  By performing capsulectomy and implant exchange in a meticulous fashion, capsular contracture revision can minimize the recurrence of hardened tissue capsule tissue by removing the problem implant and tissue. 


Capsulectomy has been used successfully for the management of capsular contracture and a regimented and step wise approach may be a more dominant solution for progressive capsular contracture.  The patients with capsular contracture may have symptoms associated with their breast implants or may have thickening of the breast tissue.

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