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Melarase Dark Spot Corrector can reduce hyperpigmentation induced by inflammation, burns, and trauma to the skin.  Patients who have scarring that is further worsened by sun exposure can benefit from the Melarase Dark Spot Corrector.  Melarase Dark Spot Corrector can reduce the enzymatic production of abnormal amounts of melanin that contribute to pigmentation and skin discoloration. 


Top pick for skin lightener and dark spot corrector. Melarase cream from Kare Montana Avenue


Kare Plastic Surgery & Skin Health Center is located on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. Melarase is used for the correction of abnormal pigmentation associated with sun exposure, hormones, melasma, and skin discoloration. Patients who have undergone previous cosmetic surgery, including breast surgery or liposuction may benefit from Melarase creams to help lighten scars. 

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