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Vein Health: Types of Vein Problems



Your veins represent an important part of your body and circulatory system.  There are many different types of vein problems that one may experience.  Treatments can help you live a healthier lifestyle by improving circulation and reducing the symptoms of venous disease. 

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Types of Vein Problems


We have thousands upon thousands of veins in the body.  So, it is not surprising that some of our veins may begin to age with time.  Unhealthy vein valves may begin to worsen with time, leading to a condition known as venous insufficiency.  You may not notice the signs of venous insufficiency early on, but with time, the health toll by begin to affect your quality of life.  In our Los Angeles vein clinic, we offer treatments for the following conditions: 

  1. Varicose Veins
  2. Spider Veins
  3. Thread Veins and Facial Spider Veins
  4. Painful veins in the legs
  5. Thrombophlebitis
  6. Vein ulcers
  7. Leg swelling, Restless legs, and Throbbing Veins

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