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Vein Health and Your Body:



Your veins are an important part of your circulatory system.  Varicose veins and vein problems can take their toll on your health, ultimately causing symptoms of leg pain and discomfort. 

Our board certified vein surgeon has been featured on KTLA, Fox TV, and The Doctors 

There are many reasons to seek treatment for varicose veins, many of which are medical and others cosmetic.  The veins in your leg make up an important part of your circulatory system, helping to return deoxygenated blood back to your heart.  An unhealthy vein system can cause problems with the circulation and ultimately increase the workload of your heart. 


Unlike vein treatments performed decades ago, new vein procedures are performed using endovenous techniques that require only local anesthesia, minimal recovery, and virtually no pain.  There really is no reason to avoid treating your varicose veins any longer. 


By seeking treatment for your varicose veins, you may be treating an important risk factor in your life.  Improving your circulatory system may have effects on your energy level, your physical stamina, and your overall health.  Treatments are usually performed after a comprehensive vein consultation and examination in our Los Angeles vein clinic.  Our office offers all options for vein care, including EVLT, Venefit, Clarivein, sclerotherapy, and laser vein treatment.  Schedule an appointment today to discuss your options for vein care. 


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