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Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Los Angeles: Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian Botox



Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Los Angeles

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Hyperhidrosis treatment begins with a comprehensive examination and consultation to determine the extent and severity of your excessive sweating.  In most cases, a starch iodine test is not required to diagnose hyperhidrosis.  Subjective complaints include an inability to perform normal daily activities given the profuse sweating from the body.  Hyperhidrosis can cause functional limitations in daily activities, prompting intervention.


Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an expert in the management of hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating.  Our office offers surgical and non-surgical options for hyperhidrosis including Botox injections, retrograde suction curettage, and long term conservative therapy.  Our office offers the latest hyperhidrosis treatments which may include a combination of iontophoresis, antiperspirants, medication therapy, and neurotoxin injections.


Hyperhidrosis affects nearly one to two percent of the adult population.  Patients may begin to notice onset of hyperhidrosis in the teenage years and final resolution or lessening of symptoms in the mid 50s.  The most common areas of hyperhidrosis include the armpits, palms of the hand, soles of the feet, face, and chest/back.  Although antiperspirants can help, they rarely control all symptoms associated with hyperhidrosis. 


Patients initially begin treatment with clinical strength or prescription strength antiperspirants, followed by a visit to their doctor.  Our Los Angeles office offers consultations for hyperhidrosis which vary from surgical to non-surgical.  The most common treatments include Botox injections, which act on the acetylcholine receptor and reduce sweat output. 


Patients with pure armpit sweating, called axillary hyperhidrosis, may also benefit from retrograde suction curettage to reduce sweat output from the armpits.  Treatment of the armpits is usually clinically safe, effective, and associated with minimal complications.  Our office recommends Retrograde Suction Curettage for patients who are physically debilitated by the output of sweat from the axilla. 


What is hyperhidrosis? Hyperhidrosis is a common condition, affecting roughly one to two percent of the population, who suffer form excessive sweating.  The sweat that is formed in hyperhidrosis does not occur because the environment or room temperature is too warm.  Rather, the sweat glands are unhealthy and work tirelessly regardless of the surrounding room temperature.  Common areas to develop hyperhidrosis include the feet, hands, face, chest, back, and armpits.  It is not clear why some people develop hyperhidrosis while others don’t.


Do Botox injections work for hyperhidrosis? Botox injections contain a neurotoxin that blocks the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction.  Synaptic transmission of acetylcholine is thus blocked, reducing muscle tone or the production of sweat.  In our office, we recommend Botox injections to the hands, feet, and armpits in paitents who have excessive sweating.  Treatments are effective and are rarely associated with any complications.  Botox injections work well on the face, armpits, hands, and feet.  If you have questions about Botox injections for hyperhidrosis in the Los Angeles area, call our office at (310) 998-5533 to schedule a consultation and discussion of options.


Do Hyperhidrosis Botox injections hurt? Our office offers Botox injections for the face, hands, armpits, and feet. These areas are commonly affected by hyperhidrosis and are very responsive to Botox injections.  During your consultation and visit for hyperhidrosis, we will make every effort to minimize discomfort during your procedure.  We offer the Zimmer Cryo machine to cool the skin and minimize discomfort, topical skin injections, and local blocks to reduce pain. 


How long does it take Botox Hyperhidrosis treatments to work? Clinical studies have shown that Botox injections for hyperhidrosis have a 3 to 7 day lag period before therapeutic action is fully observed.  In other words, if you have hyperhidrosis, you will notice full results within three to seven days from the date of your Botox injections.  Some patients may observe results earlier, while others may take longer to respond. The delayed response is due to the remnant acetylcholine that is already found in your neural synapse.  Once you have undergone the injections, Botox hyperhidrosis treatment becomes easier and easier as you become used to the process.


Do I need my underarm sweat glands? Performance of Retrograde Suction Curettage effectively removes abnormal and unhealthy sweat glands that overproduce sweat from the armpits.  Many people ask whether the absence of these sweat glands can cause problems in the future.  With over 5 million sweat glands on the body, the removal of a small portion of abnormal sweat glands does not harm the body.  After the procedure, your body will be able to control body temperature through normal perspiration.


What options are available for facial blushing? Facial blushing is not always thought of as being associated with hyperhidrosis, but chances are that they are both regulated by an overactive sympathetic tone.  Treatment of facial blushing can be performed with a combination of pulsed dye laser and Botox injections.  For patients who do not want to begin treatment with neurotoxins, pulsed dye laser may be an appropriate option.  Our Los Angeles hyperhidrosis center offers patients the option of pulsed dye laser and Botox injections as combination therapy for facial blushing, rosacea, and overactive facial redness.  


How effective is Botox for hyperhidrosis? Allergan clinical studies have reported a high efficacy with Botox injections for hyperhidrosis.  In one study, 84 out of 104 patients treated with Botox achieved a greater than fifty percent reduction in sweating.  This decrease in sweating is greater in patients who were administered Botox as opposed to those that weren’t. 

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