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CEAP for Varicose Vein Diagnosis: Los Angeles Vein Clinic

CEAP Classification:

Varicose vein doctors now use the CEAP classification in order to objectively classify vein problems in patients.  In our Los Angeles vein clinic, we incorporate the CEAP classification in the management of varicose veins and vein disease.  Clinical Disease state (C), Etiology (E), Anatomic Distribution (A), and Pathophysiology (P).

Class 0 No visible signs of vein disease
Class I Telangiectasias / Spider Veins and or Reticular Veins  < 2 mm
Class II Varicose Veins, tortuous superficial veins with incompetent valves with > 4 mm
Class III Varicose Veins with Leg Edema (swelling of the leg, ankles, or feet)
Class IV Varicose Veins with advanced skin changes: dark pigmentation, eczema, lipodermatosclerosis
Class V Varicose Veins with advanced skin changes and a healed venous ulcer
Class VI Varicose Veins with advanced skin changes and an active open venous ulcer


CEAP varicose veins information

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