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Pain related to varicose veins? Los Angeles vein clinic


Pain Related to Varicose Veins?

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One of most common reasons for patients to schedule an appointment for varicose veins in our Los Angeles vein clinic is not because they have bulging varicose veins, but because they have developed problems with their veins.  The most common symptoms with varicose veins include the following: 


  1. Pain and Discomfort in the legs
  2. Aching Pain
  3. Early Muscle Fatigue
  4. Leg Heaviness
  5. Swelling in the legs
  6. Skin discoloration
  7. Throbbing or Itching in the legs
  8. Leg cramps
  9. Bulging varicose veins that are tender


Varicose veins los angeles


Our comprehensive vein clinic can help you identify and solve your vein problems. 


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