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Breast Implant Revision Los Angeles - Rippling of the saline breast implants - Correcting breast implants

In my practice, I perform both saline and silicone breast implants under the pectoralis muscle.  This is known as a submuscular breast augmentation.  Patients have different opinions about saline and silicone breast implants and I usually spend a lot of time with patients in the preoperative setting to dispel some of the myths about implants.  It is true that saline breast implants can have higher rates of rippling, particularly after childbirth, breast feeding, and weight loss. This type of rippling is usually not very apparent, but varies from person to person and increases as your breasts droop with age.  The treatment of rippling saline implants is quite simple and in my Beverly Hills and Santa Monica plastic surgery offices I offer patients the choice to exchange the saline implants for silicone breast implants. This reduces, but does not completely eliminate breast rippling.  Patients are often very satisfied with the results.


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