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Marina Del Rey Vein Removal

Marina del Rey vein removal

If you are a healthy adult male or female who live a healthy and active lifestyle but has progressively enlarging varicose veins on the legs and thighs, you may be surprised to learn that newer laser treatments can eliminate the root cause of your varicose veins in a simple outpatient procedure.  At the Santa Monica Vein Center, we serve the patients from the Greater Los Angeles area, including Marina del Rey and coordinate their vein care in order to minimize risk and maximize long term recovery after vein surgery.  If you have a cosmetic vein concern or a medical vein concern, our expert team of vein clinicians can rule out the root cause of your vein problems and determine an outpatient treatment protocol that addresses your lifestyle and also your symptoms.  Most patients with moderate or severe varicose veins have symptoms associated with bulging veins, incompetent vein valves, pain and discomfort, early fatigue, itching and burning, and swelling in the legs.  It is not necessary for you have all of these symptoms in order to seek treatment.  If you have skin changes along your legs or have been concerned that you have been progressively tired at the end of the day after standing or sitting for a long period of time, you may have a condition known as varicose veins or venous insufficiency.  At the Santa Monica Vein Center, we treat all aspects of varicose veins and spider veins and use the most state of the art and minimally invasive procedures to treat your veins.

Unlike past decades, newer treatments can bypass surgical risk and can minimize your recovery after the procedure.  Laser vein removal is often covered by medical insurance and can eliminate your problematic varicose veins or spider veins in one session.  We begin each treatment with a thorough evaluation and examination in order to map out your vein problem and determine the root cause of your venous symptoms.  If you have medical vein problems, you may require a treatment known as endovenous laser ablation versus more superficial treatments that are of only cosmetic concern.  To learn more about varicose vein treatments in Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, or Malibu, please call the Santa Monica Vein Center at 310-998-5535 to schedule your comprehensive consultation for a vein procedure.


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