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Varicose Vein Removal Santa Monica

Varicose vein removal Santa Monica

Now a days, the patient request noninvasive and nonsurgical options for their medical problems.  Varicose vein problems are pervasive in the general community and can occur in healthy adult men and women.  Decades ago, the only option available for varicose veins and for venous disease were surgical procedures known as vein stripping.  Vein stripping entailed removal of large varicose veins and tieing off of deep and superficial veins that were the root cause of the venous reflux.  Now, the Santa Monica Vein Center and Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian utilize laser energy in order to eliminate the root cause of venous reflux and varicose veins.  Varicose vein treatment has entered the modern age with the development of endovenous laser technique that can simplify and eradicate circulatory problems associated with venous disease.  Varicose vein treatments with laser therapy are now considered the goal standard and have largely replaced old fashioned vein stripping technique used decades ago.  

The Santa Monica Vein Center is one of the most comprehensive and best equipped varicose vein clinics in the Los Angles area.  He serves the Beverly Hills, Westside, and Encino, San Fernando Valley, Malibu, and Pacific Palisades areas.  He offer straightforward solutions for varicose veins and can treat men and women who lead a comfortable life in the context of venous disease.  The patients who have medical symptoms associated with veins including pain and discomfort, itching and burning, leg swelling, and ankle swelling can also be treated efficiently and effectively with laser endovenous treatment.  

The most high-tech options are now available at the Santa Monica Vein Center and a consultation with board certified vein surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian can help evaluate your specific condition and determine whether you are suffering from a medical vein problem.  If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Santa Monica Vein Center, please call our patient care coordinator at 310-998-5535.

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