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Varicose Vein Removal Beverly Hills

Varicose vein removal Beverly Hills

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Varicose veins beverly hills

Unlike spider veins which can appear as small thread like blood vessels under the skin, varicose veins can begin to bulge underneath the skin causing discomfort and pain.  The most common reasons to seek treatment for varicose vein include bulging of a varicose vein underneath the skin.  Other patients may have variable degrees of bulging veins but are more likely concerned about the symptoms associated with their varicose veins such as pain, discomfort, throbbing, and burning, itching, and legs swelling.  These symptoms are often leads to vein problem and can affect once quality of life.  The most high-tech lasers are now used for the treatment of varicose veins in Los Angeles.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a board certified vein surgeon and a diplomate of the American Board of Phlebology.  He performs vein treatments in his Santa Monica and Westside offices and serves the Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades and Malibu areas.  Laser endovenous treatment of varicose veins and venous insufficiency can be performed with minimal downtime and can eliminate symptoms associated with varicose veins.  If you are looking for the most effective treatment for varicose vein and spider veins on the legs and thighs, look no further.  

Dr. Karamanoukian at the Santa Monica Vein Center will first begin with a comprehensive vein examination and vein mapping in which he will try to determine the root cause of your varicose veins.  Once this is accomplished, Dr. Karamanoukian will recommend a laser or nonsurgical option that can minimize venous reflux and reduce signs and symptoms of vein disease.  The patients who are interested in scheduling a consultation with Beverly Hills and Santa Monica vein surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian should call the Santa Monica Vein Center at 310-998-5535.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you schedule your consultation and can help you determine which options are available for your particular problem.

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