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How fast does an incision heal after breast implant surgery? Los Angeles Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


How fast does an incision heal after breast implant surgery?


Breast implant surgery requires a small incision to be placed along the areola underneath the breast.  These incisions are sutured with absorbable and nonabsorbable stitches and often heal within days of surgery.  In some patients, there is a minor delay in wound healing associated with breast implant surgery and this can cause a small problem for the breast implant.  It is important to maximize the healing capacity of the skin in order to isolate the breast implant from the surrounding skin to a potentially opened wound.  Delayed healing may increase breast implant exposure and may often increase the risk for capsular contracture.  If you have problems with healing, the surgery should be discussed in depth with your plastic surgeon.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an expert in cosmetic plastic surgery and more specifically in cosmetic breast implantation.  He is available for consultation and for scar revision for poor breast scars in patients who have undergone previous breast augmentation.  Delayed wound healing and poor scaring of the breast area can compromise the overall cosmetic appearance of the breast should be addressed in a meticulous and regimented fashion. 


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