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Can I change the type of breast implant from moderate to high profile? Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon


Can I change the type of breast implant from moderate to high profile?


There are many different styles of breast implants that are available in both silicone and saline.  The majority of these implants are classified into three main categories, including normal profile, moderate and moderate plus profile, and high profile.  The profile of a saline or silicone implant will determine how much projection there is in the implant and will dictate the overall height and projection of the breast.  In addition higher profile breast implants will generally have a narrower diameter and are less likely to cause heaviness on  lateral part of the breast.  The importance of breast implant profile in the overall cosmetic appearance of the breast is relatively underrepresented.  Board certified plastic surgeon and expert in breast augmentation and breast implant surgery, Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, places high importance in the overall profile of the silicone or saline breast implants. 


In his Los Angeles plastic surgery office, he begins every consultation for breast augmentation with an analysis of breast width, breast size, and overall breast dimension.  Choosing a breast implant profile is as important as choosing the overall volume of the breast implant.  For those patients who have moderate profile breast implants or low profile breast implants, changing the type of implant and profile of the implant is often a necessary step in improving the contour of the breast.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian can provide you with specific details on the nature of the surgery and can help you chose the appropriate breast implant profile to match you cosmetically. 


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