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Is it possible to have capsular contracture in only one breast?

Is it possible for capsular contracture to occur in only one breast?


Capsular contracture can happen in one or two breasts and may take weeks or years to form around the breast.  Most patients who have capsular contracture begin to notice hardening and thickening of the breast tissue, followed by visual and physical distortion of the breast along the chest wall.  When capsular contracture happens bilaterally, the changes in the breast may not as apparent as a unilateral capsular contracture, but clinical presentations may vary from individual to individual.  The patients who have mild thickening of the breast tissue may have early capsular contracture whereas those who have significant thickening, pain, and visible distortion of the breast, may have a more aggressive and late stage capsular contracture.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a specialist in capsular contracture and breast implant revision in Los Angeles.  He performs breast implant revision surgery and capsular contracture surgery in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills on an outpatient basis.


Consultations with Dr. Karamanoukian regarding capsular contracture will begin with a thorough history and physical examination followed by a pertinent discussion of capsular contracture.  If you have questions about capsular contracture of feel that you may have breast implant rupture, please call our Los Angeles plastic surgery office and speak to our patient care coordinator regarding your option for breast implant revision. 


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