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Is there a difference between blue and red spider veins? - Santa Monica Vein Center - Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian

Is there a difference between blue and red spider veins? 

Blue or red spider veins can occur on any part of the legs and thighs and under the skin.  The most common areas are the lower legs, especially in sun exposed areas.  Clinicians do not understand why some patients are more prone to developing spider veins than others. Physical activity and genetics can also play a major role.  The color of spider veins usually correspondence to their depth under the skin as well as the caliber of the spider vein itself.  Blue or red spider veins are usually both cosmetic, unless they appear in patches in the most gravity dependent part of the lower legs, including the ankles and feet, in which there may be an early warning sign for a condition known as venous insufficiency. 


Spider Vein Los Angeles Raffy Karamanoukian


Choosing a vein Doppler for your spider veins begins with a careful assessment of credentials, including board certification by the American Board of Phlebology (vein surgery).  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a board certified plastic surgeon and a board certified phlebology surgeon who practices in Los Angeles, mainly of the Santa Monica Vein Center.  The patients who have spider veins or varicose veins may undergo a comprehensive consultation to evaluate the abnormal veins and to begin treatment with laser or injection. 


If you have questions about spider vein treatment offered in our Los Angeles cosmetic surgery office, please call (310) 998-5533 and speak to our patient care coordinator regarding your options.

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