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How do I get rid of small thread veins on the surface of my face? - Santa Monica Vein Center

How do I get rid of small thread veins on the surface of my face?


Small facial spread veins and spider veins can occur as a result of chronic inflammation, rosacea or as a family trait that has been passed on from generation to generation.  Spider veins on the face predominately occur on the side of the nose, nasal bridge, tips and cheeks.  Although facial veins more resilient than other veins on the body, they can be treated with a combination of lasers employed by Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian.  Dr. Karamanoukian has been featured on popular television shows demonstrating his approach to spider veins and in particular facial spider veins.  Telangiectasia on the face can occur in combination with rosacea and these are addressed with a powerful laser that can zap away unwanted spider and thread veins on the face. 


If you are concerned about rosacea and overall facial blushing, Dr. Karamanoukian uses a pulsed dye laser to remove these stubborn veins from the face.  Please call our Los Angeles plastic surgery office at 310-998-5533 to schedule your consultation for facial spider vein removal.


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