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Is it normal to have tummy tuck swelling after four weeks post surgery?

Is it normal to have tummy tuck swelling four weeks after surgery?


The tummy tuck procedure is one of the most difficult for patients in the early recovery phase because of the muscle tightening.  The patients initially notice tightness and discomfort in the abdominal muscles as a result of a technique known as muscle plication in which the underlying muscles are tightened and recontoured.  This muscle tightening corrects the abdominal laxity and bulging that can occur after pregnancy and weight gain.  The swelling after tummy tuck surgery is most in the first three to five days after surgery, during which time Dr. Karamanoukian and other plastic surgeons use a surgical drain to remove any excess fluid. 


In the short period afterwards, there is some residual swelling of the abdominal tissue which may last for four to six weeks.  This period of swelling usually does not interfere with normal daily activities and can be exacerbated by very strenuous exercise.  At the one month period after a tummy tuck surgery Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Karamanoukian recommends an abdominal binder or rib belt in order to minimize postoperative swelling.  If you have questions about swelling and recovery after tummy tuck surgery and wish to undergo a comprehensive consultation before your tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Karamanoukian can carefully review your options and anticipated recovery time. Call (310) 998 - 5533.

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