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What are spider veins? Los Angeles Based Spider Vein Surgeon

What are spider veins?

The description of varicose veins and spider veins varies from individual physician to physician.  The American college of phlebology recommends standardization of varicose vein descriptions which classifies veins according to caliber and length.  Small sized blood veins that occur on the surface of the skin are collectively referred to as spider vein.  These spider veins can occur in a branching pattern, as thread like blood vessels under the skin, or in characteristic clusters that arise from a central point. 

Spider veins represent dilated blood vessels that occur under the skin and that may be an early warning sign for more serious vein problems or a cosmetic concern limited to unsightly veins.  Spider veins can be treated with a variety of options including laser spider vein removal, spider vein injections, and thermal coagulation.  The first step in managing your spider veins for cosmetic or medical reason starts with a thorough consultation with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian who will able to provide you with full details regarding your treatment options.


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