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Can I undergo a breast revision if my implants are too far apart? Los Angeles Breast Revision Surgeon


Can I undergo a breast revision if my implants are too far apart?


Although there are many reasons to undergo a breast revision, one of the lesser common options for breast revision surgery is when the implants are placed too far apart.  Breast implants should encompass the entire width of the breast at the position of the areola and nipple.  The patients who have small implants develops capsular contracture may complain that their implants fall too far apart.  This is more noticeable when the patients are laying supine or flatbed or while standing.  The most prominent characteristic of implants that lay too far apart is the apparent disproportion in the overall shape of the breast and the width of the breast implant.  In these patients, the breast implant appears to be separate from the overall breast contour.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an expert in breast revision surgery and performs cosmetic plastic surgery in both Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.  He has been featured on multiple television programs demonstrating his unique approach to minimally invasive and state of the art plastic surgery.  In patients who have implants that are too far apart, there is an apparent discordance between the implant and the surrounding breast tissue. 


The primary goal for breast revision surgery is to remove the breast implant and either place it below the muscle or to exchange the implant for one that is more suitable to the breast width and diameter.  The preoperative assessment and consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian will help in measuring the breast width and determine which implant is appropriate for your specific chest dimension.  In addition, the patients who undergo breast revision for implants that are too far apart may also benefit from a breast lift or other ancillary breast procedure during the breast revision.  Schedule your consultation with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian by calling 310-998-5533

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