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Should I remove my breast implants during a capsulectomy? Los Angeles Capsular Contracture Expert Surgeon


Should I remove my breast implants during a capsulectomy?


A capsulectomy procedure is performed for patients who have capsular contracture and or thickened breast tissue that underlines the natural appearance of the breast.  Breast implant capsular contracture can cause significant asymmetry, distortion of the breast implant and breast mount and disrupt the natural appearance of the breast altogether.  If you have breast implants and wish to undergo breast implant capsulectomy, there are many options to decide from in terms of what to do with the existing breast implants.  Many plastic surgeons advocate the complete removal of the existing breast implants with replacement with new silicone or saline implants.  This replacement of breast implants may minimize the recurrence rate of capsular contracture.  Any type of subclinical infection existing in the old implants can cause recurrence of capsular contracture if left alone.  Removing and replacing breast implants during capsulectomy is the decision of choice in most cases of mild-to-moderate and severe breast capsular contracture. 


 If you are concerned about capsular contracture and wish to undergo a procedure for removal of the tissue capsule, please call our Los Angeles plastic surgery patient care coordinator at 310-998-5533 and schedule a consultation for capsular contracture surgery and capsulectomy.

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