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Pubic Mound Liposuction with Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Can I reduce the pubic area with liposuction alone?


The pubic area and pubic mound are prone to develop a hormonal pattern of weight gain that may be resistant to normal diet and exercise.  The tear baring area of the pubis can often develop into a fatty area that prohibits wearing of tight clothing, exercise pants, or a bikini.  For these patients, a pubic mound reduction without major surgery can be achieved using liposuction alone. 


Micro-sculpt liposuction as performed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, can help reduce size and fullness of the pubic mound with a noninvasive procedure with minimal scarring.  During the procedure, Dr. Karamanoukian will place carefully hidden tiny incisions along the groin crease and use a small cannula to remove excess fat from the pubic mound.  This may be done before or after a tummy tuck or alone.  Liposuction uses a suction assisted device plus a small liposuction cannula to remove small amounts of fat without major cutting or incisions.  If you have questions about pubic mound reduction or pubic mound liposuction, now may be the time to address your concern with a minor surgical procedure. 


Our Los Angeles plastic surgery office offers cosmetic body contouring treatments including tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, nonsurgical Liposonix, micro-sculpt liposuction, and pubic mound reduction.  Our patient care coordinator can help schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Karamanoukian in Los Angeles.  Call 310-998-5533 and schedule your consultation today.

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