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How can I correct a hooked nose with rhinoplasty? Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeon

How can I correct a hooked nose with rhinoplasty?


One of the most important and commonly requested procedures for rhinoplasty or nose surgery is correction of a hooked nose.  The patients who have overdevelopment of the nasal bridge often have a bulk on the dorsum of the nose that causes a hooked appearance.  This is often combined by droopiness of the nasal tip, especially during smiling and facial expression.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a specialist in rhinoplasty and natural rhinoplasty result in the Los Angeles area.  He combines minimally invasive procedures with meticulous rhinoplasty techniques in order to redefine and recontour the nose and reduce unwanted cosmetic elements including nasal bump or a droopy tip. 


Rhinoplasty surgery can be specifically performed to correct the nasal bump and reduce the hooked appearance of the nose.  If you have questions about rhinoplasty surgery or are concerned about various elements of rhinoplasty and facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian can provide you with specific options for nose surgery. 


A consultation to determine your candidacy for rhinoplasty and to detail the specific procedures is necessary for correction of the cosmetic appearance of the nose.  Please call 310-998-5533 to schedule your consultation for rhinoplasty in Los Angeles.


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