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Can I have Liposonix around the belly button? - Kare Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles

Can I have Liposonix around the belly button?


The pocket of fat around a bellybutton is an ideal location for fat reduction and a new procedure known as Liposonix can address specific areas in a custom tailored fashion.  Custom tailoring fat reduction, or lipo reduction can be performed using a variety of techniques including micro-sculpt liposuction, revision liposuction, and Liposonix.  Liposonix has the advantage of using high powered ultrasound in order to target specific areas of fat in the body.  Unlike other cosmetic surgery procedures, Liposonix requires no incision and no cutting. 


Therein, the Liposonix treatment has quicker recovery as there is no associated wound healing or surgical downtime.  The area around the bellybutton is a common area for fat accumulation and unwanted pockets of fat can be reduced within one hour using this strategic ultrasound energy.  Liposonix is now available in the Los Angeles area at the office of Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian.  Please call our patient care coordinator at 310-998-5533 to discuss your options for Liposonix treatment around the bellybutton area.  The bellybutton is an ideal location for a procedure known as the bellybutton makeover.


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