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Does the liposonix system treat intraabdominal fat?

The patients gain weight for a variety of reasons, including an unrestricted diet, decreased metabolism, increased physical activity, and hormonal and metabolic changes that occur with age.  The storage of fat can occur in the subcutaneous tissue underneath the skin or n the intraabdominal cavity, adjacent to the intestines and abdominal contents.  The liposonix treatment has received FDA approval as a needle-less and nonsurgical fat reduction technique similar to liposuction.  Unlike other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, liposonix requires no surgery and no cutting. 


The liposonix treatment targets subcutaneous fat using high intensity focused ultrasound that can target unwanted fat layers underneath the skin.  Intraabdominal fat cannot be addressed using the liposonix or liposuction procedures.  Intraabdominal fat is usually targeted through weight loss resulting from restricted diet and increased exercise.  However, the liposonix treatment remains the goal standard for nonsurgical fat reduction along the waistline and abdomen.  Over 10 years of research has comminuted in the FDA approval of this fast and effective technology for the elimination of unwanted areas of fat along the waistline.  If you have questions about the liposonix procedure, please call our Los Angeles plastic surgery office and speak to our patient care coordinator.  The office can be reached at 310-998-5533.

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