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Are there options for nonsurgical fat removal along the waistline? Kare Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles

The waistline and flanks are an area of hormonal fat deposition and can also often be a stubborn area of fat that is resistant to normal diet and exercise.  The fat distribution along the waistline and flank is often cause by a combination of genetic, metabolism, and hormones.  Liposuction has always been the goal standard for removal of fat along the waistline, but a newer alternative known as liposonix uses high energy ultrasound to remove unwanted fat from the love handles without surgery.  Unlike liposuction, no incisions are needed for this computer generated ultrasound energy be directed towards fat. 

Liposonix is completely noninvasive and results in some minor discomfort, followed by some swelling and bruising which may last for about a one week period.  Results are typically seen immediately and are completely seen within 8 to 12 weeks of the procedure.  Liposonix is fast becoming a goal standard for nonsurgical fat removal without liposuction.  The office of Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian now offers liposonix treatment in our Los Angeles plastic surgery office.  If you have questions about liposonix, please call our Los Angeles patient care coordinator at 310-998-5533.  We also offer all aspects of liposuction procedures including revision liposuction, laser liposuction, ultrasound liposuction, and revision liposuction.

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