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A study from the Division of Plastic Surgery at the Federal University of Bahia Brazil and the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil titled 'Nasal patency after open rhinoplasty with spreader grafts' elucidated the role of spreader grafts during cosmetic rhinoplasty. The study evaluated twenty patients with open cosmetic rhinoplasty who underwent simultaneous spreader graft placement.  Evaluation of the patients after surgery showed significant improvement in breathing quality after surgery.  The conclusion was that spreader graft placement during open cosmetic rhinoplasty is effective in reconstructing and opening the internal nasal valve and preserving nasal patency. Authors: de Pochat VD, Alonso N, Mendes RR, Cunha MS, Menezes JV.


Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian performs cosmetic rhinoplasty and medical rhinoplasty procedures.  Some rhinoplasties combine the basics of cosmetic rhinoplasty with an improvement in breathing.  A spreader graft can be placed to open the internal nasal valve in patients who have obstruction or narrowing of their nasal airway.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian to discuss your options for rhinoplasty or cosmetic rhinoplasty by calling (310) 998-5533.




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