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What are options for unilateral or one-sided capsular contracture? Kare Plastic Surgery - Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian

Capsular contracture results from an inflammatory process that causes thickening of the tissue capsule surrounding a breast implant.  Both silicon and saline breast implants can initiate the process of capsular contracture, causing symptomatic pain, asymmetry of the breast, and thickness of the tissue capsule.  Patients may develop capsular contracture in both breasts or a single breast, depending on single breast or both breasts, which is an unexpected an unpredictable pattern of capsular formation. 


If you have developed capsular contracture in one single breast, a Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian will evaluate your condition and perform a physical examination in which he will assess the status of the contralateral breast to determine whether a revisional surgery to be done on both sides or one single side.  The most common procedures for capsular contracture include capsulotomy or capsulectomy, both of which release the thickened tissue capsule surrounding a breast implant.  The decision to perform surgery on the normal breast depends on the likelihood of achieving symmetry of the breast with a unilateral procedure.  If there is significant deformity of both breasts, there is a chance that surgery will have to be performed on the normal side in order to match the two breasts. 


Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an expert in capsular contracture and breast implant surgery and can help you identify the root cause of you capsular contracture and help formulate a plan that can minimize the progression of the tissue capsule.  Please call our plastic surgery patient care coordinator in the Los Angeles area at 310-998-5533.

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