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Is a mastopexy needed during breast augmentation? Kare Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles

The patients who come to our Los Angeles cosmetic surgery practice are often concerned about breast volume enhancement and droopiness of their breast.  There are two main procedures to improve the contours of the breast, which are known as breast augmentation and breast lift surgery.  Breast augmentation employs saline or silicone breast implant to increase the volume and size of the female breast using a small incision placed under the areolar or on the inframammary fold.  Breast lift surgery, on the other hand uses larger incisions to reposition the areola and nipple to a point that is less droopy on the breast.


This repositioning of the nipple and areola can dramatically improve the droopiness of the breast and make them more perky.  Breast lift surgery is not a requisite during breast augmentation surgery and vice versa.  The patients can benefit from a breast lift surgery if they have droopiness but are happy with the size of their breast, or breast implant surgery if they have perkiness of the nipple and areola without a desired to change the volume of the breast itself.  Combination breast lift and breast augmentation is often performed and Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian can provide you with full details regarding a combined mastopexy-breast augmentation.  Dr. Karamanoukian is a board certified plastic surgeon with expertise in mommy makeover surgery and breast enhancement surgery.  During your consultation for cosmetic plastic surgery of the breast, he will review your options after performing a careful physical examination.  Please call 310-998-5533 and speak to our cosmetic surgery patient care coordinator.

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