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Is there any physical downtime after sclerotherapy? - Santa Monica Vein Center in Los Angeles

Sclerotherapy is becoming one of the most common cosmetic procedures for the legs and thighs.  Unwanted spider and varicose veins can be virtually eliminated with these simple cosmetic injections that can eliminate unwanted thread veins, spider veins, reticular veins, and varicose veins.  It is most important to choose a knowledgeable and board certified vein specialist to perform your sclerotherapy, as the long term efficacy of sclerotherapy and spider vein injections depends on proper technique and the patient selection. 


Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is surgical director of the Santa Monica Vein Center and is a double board certified plastic surgeon and vein surgeon.  He performs medical and cosmetic sclerotherapy for the feet, ankles, legs, and thighs in order to eliminate unwanted spider veins.  Progression of spider and varicose veins can lead to cosmetic and medical problems and Dr. Karamanoukian will advise you on all of your vein options during your consultation. 


Our Los Angeles plastic surgery office specializes in spider and varicose veins and our office can provide you with full details regarding our comprehensive approach for spider veins with minimal incisions or downtime.  Physical activity is resumed immediately after your sclerotherapy injection, but our expert team of vein specialist advice that you refrain from strenuous physical activity for at least five to seven days after your spider vein injection or varicose vein treatment.  Strenuous exercise may include yoga, high intensity aerobic exercise, and sports activities.  However we advise that you walk normally and ambulate as much as you can after your sclerotherapy injections.  If you have questions about sclerotherapy or other varicose vein treatments such as EVLT, VNUS, and vein stripping surgery, please call our Los Angeles vein office at 310-998-5533.

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