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Questions about Split Earlobe Repair:


  1. What type of anesthesia is used for split earlobe or torn earlobe repair?  Split earlobe usually require surgical repair to reapproximate the edges of an earlobe tear, whether it be a small stretching of an ear piercing or a complete tear of the earlobe.  In all cases, Dr. Karamanoukian will administer local anesthesia into the earlobe in order to perform the surgery.  Most patients feel very little discomfort during the entire surgical procedure and during the placement of sutures.  Split earlobe repair can be performed exclusively with local anesthetic for the entire procedure.  The patients are usually discharged home with a prescription for analgesic if requested.
  2. Will I be sent home after my earlobe repair?  Dr. Karamanoukian believes in outpatient cosmetics.  There is a benefit to outpatient cosmetic surgery for split earlobe and torn earlobe repairs.  He performs the repair of earlobes as an outpatient surgery only or may combine it with a larger procedure such as body contouring, liposuction, or breast enhancement.  During your consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian, he will recommend a surgical plan for your split earlobe repair alone, or in combination with another facial cosmetic surgery procedure.  All patients will be discharged to home after their earlobe repair.
  3. Will sutures be placed in my earlobe after earlobe repair?  Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure and is performed with the highest standards of cosmetic plastic surgery and scar revision.  Dr. Karamanoukian will carefully place small sutures within the subcutaneous tissue and on the surface of the skin to reapproximate the torn earlobe piercing hole.  These sutures are usually nonabsorbable and will be take out approximately 7 to 10 days after your procedure.  If requested, Dr. Karamanoukian can utilize clear stitches, which are barely noticeable with daily activities.  During your consultation for split earlobe repair, please ask Dr. Karamanoukian whether there is an option of using clear surgical sutures for torn earlobe repair.
  4. When can I have my earlobes re-pierced?  Earlobes are typically repaired and patients are asked to return to clinic within one to two weeks after surgery.  It takes approximately six to eight weeks the surgical wound has gained enough tensile strength to support another piercing. During your postoperative visit, Dr. Karamanoukian will provide you with a firm date at which time you can re-pierce your ears.  Piercing of the ears can be performed on the same spot as the previous torn earlobe, or in a different spot.
  5. Is it possible that my earlobes can tear once again after repair?  There is a possibility that the use of heavy earrings or trauma can cause additional tearing or stretching of an earlobe.  Dr. Karamanoukian will provide you with details regarding the proper management of your earlobe piercing after torn earlobe repair.  There is a small possibility that there may be recurrence of the earlobe stretching, but this should not in anyway dissuade a person from having the initial surgery or repair of the torn earlobe.


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