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Is neck liposuction a common procedure for double chin? Neck liposuction expert in Los Angeles

The chin neck and neck areas are common locations for facial aging.  With time, accumulation of excessive fat and looseness of the skin can cause fullness in the jawline, neckline, and chin areas, resulting in premature aging.  A procedure known as neck liposuction is an ideal cosmetic surgery procedure to rejuvenate the face and neck areas and create a more youthful and attractive facial contour.  Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an experienced leader in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery and can help you obtain your desired result with neck liposuction.  Using small incisions that are carefully placed behind the ear and under the chin, a liposuction cannula can be used to remove excess fat from the jawline and neck area.  Patients usually notice result immediately and will have several days of minor swelling that ultimately leads to a more attractive neck contour. 


Chin and neck liposuction is one of the most common noninvasive cosmetic surgery of the face.  Both men and women are good candidates for neck liposuction and Dr. Karamanoukian will evaluate your skin resiliency and skin elasticity to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for neck liposuction.  Using this innovative approach, the jawline, anterior neck line, lateral neck fullness, and double chin areas are refined and contoured. 


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