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What are my options for reducing the pubis after childbirth? Pubic mound reduction Los Angeles

What are my options for reducing the pubis after childbirth?


The pubic area is often a concern in women who have had children or multiple pregnancies.  The anterior part of the hair-bearing pubis is often susceptible to excessive weight gain which does not response to normal diet and exercise.  The body contouring procedure that is performed to reduce the size and shape of the pubic mound is known as pubic mound reduction or mons pubis reduction in which the hair-bearing area of the anterior pubis is reduced with liposuction.  Dr. Karamanoukian uses a combination of ultrasonic liposuction, laser liposuction, and tumescent liposuction to reduce the fatty areas, depending on the amount of scar tissue and stretch marks in the area.  Often these procedures are performed as part of a Mommy Makeover.

If there is any concern about C-section scars, Dr. Karamanoukian can also reduce the C-section scars in this area with laser scar revision or surgical scar revision.  If you have questions about body contouring surgery and mommy makeover surgery in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Karamanoukian performs these cosmetic surgery procedures in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. 


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