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Can my breathing improve after revision rhinoplasty? Top Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles

Will breathing improve after revision rhinoplasty?


Revision rhinoplasty is designed to improve the cosmetic appearance of the nose after a previous nose surgery.  In some patients, the functional aspects of the nose are addressed during a revision rhinoplasty noted to improve breathing.  Breathing may be impaired as a result of a deviated septum, permanent hypertrophy, internal nasal valve prolapse, or vestibular stenosis.  In many of these cases, Dr. Karamanoukian will address the key features of your internal and external nasal valve in order to determine whether they are aspects of a revision rhinoplasty that will improve breathing during surgery. 


The status of your breathing is a key component during initial consultation with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, a Los Angeles cosmetic plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty, septoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgery.  Dr. Karamanoukian will assess key features of your nasal proportion and also perform an internal nasal examination in order to gage functional breathing.


It is also important to discuss whether you have a history of poor sleep, sleep apnea, or snoring that may be a direct manifestation of breathing problems.  Dr. Karamanoukian performs cosmetic plastic surgery in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills and is specialist in revision rhinoplasty surgery. 


During your consultation, he will advise you on a surgical plan that addresses cosmetic features of the nose as well as medical breathing problems.  Dr. Karamanoukian also perform all aspects of cosmetic facial surgery including brow lift, face lift, neck lift, mini neck lift, fractional CO2 laser resurfacing, septoplasty, rhinoplasty, and revision rhinoplasty.  If you have questions about rhinoplasty surgery or revision rhinoplasty surgery to correct nasal breathing problems, please call our Los Angeles plastic surgery patient care coordinator at 310-998-5533.


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