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What is a tummy tuck procedure?


A tummy tuck is a very common cosmetic surgery procedure performed in our Los Angeles plastic surgery office.  A tummy tuck is a common term used to describe an abdominoplasty in which the excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen is removed and recontoured.  Most commonly the patient seeks tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery after childbirth or pregnancy.  Multiple pregnancies place enormous physical strain on the abdominal muscles and abdominal pannus, causing the patients to seek an abdominoplasty or mini abdominoplasty.  Stretch marks along the lower abdomen can also visibly change the appearance of the abdominal wall and waistline, prompting many patients to undergo abdominoplasty surgery.


Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a firm advocate of abdominoplasty and mini abdominoplasty surgeries after childbirth.  He performs these surgeries in conjunction with a mommy makeover or breast enhancement surgery in order to redefine and recontour the abdomen and breast.  If you are only concerned about the waistline and abdomen, Dr. Karamanoukian can perform a bikini abdominoplasty in which an incision is made very low along the pubic line, often lower than a C-section scar.  These fine lines are then used to remove excess skin fat and stretch marks from the lower abdomen.  A full abdominoplasty will recreate the umbilicus whereas a mini abdominoplasty will simply remove the excess skin and fat in the lower abdominal wall.


The patients will do very well after abdominoplasty surgery including men and women.  A common request after abdominoplasty is a procedure known as labiaplasty in which the labia minora of the private areas are reduced and recontoured.  Dr. Karamanoukian also performs mommy makeover surgeries in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.  Our outpatient surgical suite is credential for general anesthesia and Dr. Karamanoukian will work alongside a board certified anesthesiologist to safely and effectively perform your surgery.  Please schedule a consultation for abdominoplasty or mommy makeover surgery in Los Angeles with Dr. Karamanoukian by calling our plastic surgery patient care coordinator.  Call our office at 310-998-5533 and discuss your options for abdominoplasty or mini abdominoplasty surgery.


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