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Options for silicone breast implantation - Sientra, Natrelle, Mentor Silicone Breast Implants

Options for silicone breast implantation, new approval of Sientra Silimed Breast Implants


In March 2012, the food and drug administration in the United States approved a third type of silicone breast implant for use during volume enhancement breast augmentation.  Until the announcement, the FDA had only approved two different manufacturers, namely Mentor and Allergan, as manufacturers for silicone breast implants.  Cosmetic breast enhancement with silicone breast implants has become increasingly common over the last decade and the introduction of a third major competitor into the highly popular breast implant market is a positive step in validating the effectiveness of silicone breast implants.  For several decades silicone breast implants have had a high safety record and recent improvements in the manufacturing of these implants have provided benefits to women seeking breast enhancement surgery.  The announcement allowed Silimed breast implants to now enter the United States cosmetic surgery market with a new type of silicone breast implant. 


The Silimed line of breast implants include both smooth and textured implants in a variety of sizes including moderate profile, high profile, and intermediate profiles.  Please call our Los Angeles plastic surgery patient care coordinator to discuss your options for silicone breast implant surgery in Santa Monica or Beverly Hills. 


Dr. Karamanoukian provides a full spectrum of cosmetic plastic surgery service including breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction, and abdominoplasty.  If you have questions about previous implant rupture, implant leak, or concerned about replacing a silicone breast implant, the new Sientra Silimed silicone breast implant may be an option for you.  During your consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian, he will evaluate your breast and help you determine which type of breast implant will best suit your needs.


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