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Is neck liposuction a painful procedure? - Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian - Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles expert in liposuction

Hidef Neck Liposuction


Unwanted fat of the neck area is often leads to a condition known as a double chin.  The patients who have excessive fat along the chin, neckline, and jawline, may wish to undergo an outpatient surgical procedure known as neck liposuction.  During this treatment, a small liposuction cannula is used to remove the unwanted fat from the jawline and neckline.  In doing so the unwanted fat is removed without unnecessary incidents or major surgery.  Liposuction of the neck can be performed on an outpatient basis using tumescent anesthesia.  Although the threshold for pain varies from person to person most patients neck liposuction does not lead to significant pain in the postoperative period.  Patients tolerate the liposuction procedure well and postoperative recovery is relatively quick with an early return to activity.  Patients often report discomfort that may last for 48 to 72 hours. 


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